4 Ways to get Maximum performance through Google Ads

1. Match your keyword strategy to your bidding strategy.

Choose your keyword match types after grouping your campaigns by bidding objective.

The keyword match types that will work best for you are determined by your bidding objective. Broad match provides you the maximum reach and conversions within your goals if you can correctly monitor your conversions and employ a conversion-based Smarter Methodology like Maximize converts with a target CPA or Maximize conversion value with a target ROAS. You might wish to use phrase match or precise match if you have other bidding goals, such as target impression share.

2. Use search automation to increase your ad's reach, relevancy, and performance.

Use broad match with Smart Bidding to reach more relevant searches for your company that are likely to meet your objectives.

Broad match is the only match type that analyses all of Google Ads' signals to determine the purpose of both the user's search and your keyword, while also allowing you to choose the most relevant match that is expected to perform well for you. Smart Bidding ensures that you're only competing in the correct auctions, at the appropriate bid, for the right user for all of the relevant queries you could reach using broad match.

3. Make your account structure more straightforward.

To further simplify your accounts, use Smart Bidding with broad match-only campaigns.

Smart Bid is most effective when it can optimize against your goals while remaining as flexible as feasible. Because Google Ads bidding algorithms learn at the query level rather than the keyword level, if a search query matches terms in other parts of your campaigns, we simply apply what we've learned throughout your account. This implies you can use broad match for performance-based keywords to simplify your accounts.

4. Take Advantage of Google Ads Script Features

Scripts are one of Google Ads' coolest yet most difficult features.

They require some coding (or copying code from existing scripts), which deters most people from using them.

However, by utilizing Google Ads Scripts, you can gain access to significant automation and campaign effectiveness. And, happily, instead of learning to code them yourself, Google provides a whole script library that you can use.

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